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Uppcoming matches your tastes with your friends' and based on the general trends and that of your friends' it helps you decide if that upcoming movie is worth your time and money.

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Have private conversations around movies

Have private movie conversations with movie lovers. Get to know friends of friends with similar movie tastes.

Share the movies that you love with your friends.

Seen that movie before your friends did? Recommend it to your friends, so they could have your experience too.

Get the latest scoop on how a movie is faring

Set alerts and get to know that movie you planned to watch is faring at the box office, or how it's perceived by your friends.

Read movie reviews by fellow uppers

Get first hand accounts of the latest movies running in theatres near you, and decide on a movie for the weekend.

Review movies and keep a personal log of movies watched

Keep a detailed log of the movies watched. Let people follow you for your taste in movies.

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